ringGemcor’s Appraisal Guard ensures that appraisals for new and existing items have thorough gemological descriptions and realistic appraisal values.

Under current laws there is no license required to write a jewelry appraisal. Sometimes even jewelers with proper training write vague appraisals intentionally, which ensures that they will be contacted should a loss take place. Additionally, inflated appraisal values are a common sales tactic.

We established Appraisal Guard as a reliable resource for underwriters and sales agents to confirm the language and valuation of new appraisals.

Thorough appraisals include:

  • Type: engagement ring, earring, bracelet, wrist watch, etc.
  • Metal and color: platinum, 18 karat yellow gold, etc.
  • Trademark or manufacturer name
  • Construction method: die cast, custom made or handmade
  • Size: mm
  • Weight: pennyweight or gram
  • Number of stones.
  • Diamonds: The 4 C’s are indicated: cut, color, clarity and carat weight.
  • Colored gemstones: hue, tone and saturation.
  • Stone measurements: mm.
  • If a grading system other then GIA or AGS is used, then a conversion chart is included.
  • Type of setting: prong, bezel, etc.
  • Any enhancements are also indicated: laser drilled, irradiated or fracture filled.
  • Any hallmarks are noted

Some types of jewelry require additional information, such as pearls, opals and wristwatches. Please contact us for details.