image002For over 30 years Gemcor has worked hand in hand with insureds to replace thousands of jewelry items to our clients’ satisfaction.

Overall, we have found jewelry replacements to be far more beneficial than cash settlements for both insurance companies and insureds. In short, replacement reduces fraudulent activity, ensures client retention and decreases disputes over cash-out values.

We understand firsthand the complicated emotions following a jewelry loss. Many people experience guilt, anger, sadness or stress, or a combination of the above. With compassion and respect, we strive to make every claimant feel at ease. Knowing that they are in dependable hands, thousands of clients have trusted us to replace their lost or stolen jewelry.

Most replacement companies are linked to a retail jeweler and will push insureds to choose a replacement already in inventory. Many times this pressures insureds to make quick decisions, which may leave them feeling confused and disappointed. At Gemcor, we’re different. We’re not linked to any one retailer, and our goal is not to send clients home with a quick replacement. On the contrary, we work closely with insureds to make certain the replacement is exactly what they want – whether it’s an exact replica of their lost, stolen or broken item or an updated design more to their current taste.

We are the ONLY jewelry replacement company that allows our replacements to be inspected by insureds’ jewelers for confirmation of quality. Therefore, our clients’ satisfaction is always guaranteed.

All of our jewelry replacements are accompanied with a Certificate of Appraisal, a copy of which is sent to the adjuster, which facilitates the rescheduling of the item. All replacements are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials.

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