gemocore-familyGemcor: A Family Affair

In 1981, I created Gemcor so that insurance companies may have a true wholesale source to buy diamonds and jewelry items. Adjusters also used our pricing to establish replacement cost values. Before Gemcor, the only resources available to adjusters were “retail” jewelers who offered a discount at a percentage below their normal selling price.

The difference in pricing was dramatic and Gemcor was an immediate success. My wife Carolyn joined me on our journey, and Gemcor had a nationwide presence by 1984.

My children Dana and Alison grew up around our office and staff. Both girls sought their own careers after graduation from The University of Florida; Dana became a sports reporter and Alison a school teacher and tutor. Both girls loved the dynamic of Gemcor and eventually joined Gemcor’s team.

Gemcor is run with the values and integrity that I live my life as a husband, father, and now grandfather. Gemcor has been blessed with a loyal client base; some of whom have been with us since our inception. These companies are the highest consumer rated Property & Casualty Companies in the Insurance Industry.

Our staff treats every claim with the care and compassion we would hope for if we had experienced the loss ourselves. See our testimonials, and hear some of the voice mail messages that we have attached.

My family and the entire Gemcor team welcome you to try our services.


Richard D. Heiss