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“Thank you, Dana. I never thought I would own such a beautiful diamond….”
Betty R.,
“Thank you for your compassion and patience, I am very happy”
Joan J.,
“After losing my Mother’s Engagement ring, I thought I could never smile again. Great idea to pick a new style and call it a “new beginning”, I am so happy again”
Vivian B.,
“Many thanks for all your time and effort on this and all of my claims. I truly appreciate your attention to detail.”
Matt M.,
“Good job Ali!! Working with nothing and coming up with something is another reason why I love your company!! Thanks so much!”
John D.,
“I’ll take the free email quote for this one, since I believe the insured is going to agree with the settlement and purchase locally; however, I can’t thank you enough for your quick handling. I really do appreciate it.”
Stacey P.,
“Thank you so much for your expertise and help with this file. You really went above and beyond for us. I know [the insured] is happy you spoke with his jeweler.”
David S.,
“I am going to wear it with such pride and if something ever happens again I have relief in knowing you will be able to take care of me. I really take comfort in knowing someone like you that has the ‘old world’ morals to take an item and do the best for your clients. That is an oddity in this day and time as most folks only think of themselves and doing things the ‘cheapest way’. Not concentrating on their customers’ best interest. You and your family are a true blessing to me.”
Lynne E.,
“Oh Ali …..yes it did arrive ….and I could never have thought it would be so beautiful………absolutely unreal……I am so happy …….it is remarkable to say the least…. I will send the check on Monday if that is okay with you……………I am so happy with it… is so substantial l can hardly believe I could get it in gold for that price…………… I really do appreciate you and your kindness to me…I will never forget it……..”
Jessica B.,
“The ring just arrived and I am speechless. I do not know how I am going to make it until next week to propose. Thank you for all the advice you provided and for really listening to me. This is exactly as I envisioned. I will be sure to tell all my friends about your company. You are a real gem!”
Mitch V.,
“I know I told you on the phone how much I LOVE my earrings, but I wanted to write to let you know my jeweler looked at them over the weekend and gave two thumbs up. I will be sure to let my insurance company know how pleased I am with the resolution of my claim. Thank you.”
Kelly H.,
“It is amazing how you took such a sad loss and turned it around. I actually think I can now move past the sentimental loss and truly enjoy my stunning new ring. You are the right person for this job! “
Amanda K.,