A Family Story

Richard, Carolyn, Alison and Dana. We are Gemcor, a family-owned business providing jewelry valuations and replacements for the insurance industry since 1981. We are manufacturers, brokers, gemologists and fair market pricing specialists. We are grandfathers, husbands, fathers, mothers and sisters.

We are as revolutionary today as we were 40 years ago, when Richard Heiss and his wife Carolyn created Gemcor as a cost-saving solution to insurance companies used to paying inflated appraisal values for replacement diamonds and jewelry items. Gemcor’s fair replacement cost pricing was an immediate success and Gemcor grew quickly to have a national presence by 1984.

Daughters Dana and Alison grew up around the office and staff and joined the family business following graduation from The University of Florida. Both have now been with Gemcor more than 20 years and manage our claims, fulfillment and salvage divisions with the same fundamental values and highest integrity that we live our lives.

It is because of these values and outstanding customer service that Gemcor has been blessed with a loyal client base; some of whom have been with us since our inception. They are among the highest consumer-rated Property & Casualty Companies in the Insurance Industry.  

We are Gemcor and we welcome you to join our family.


Losing a priceless momento or a family heirloom is an emotional experience. It’s never easy. Gemcor is the thoughtful valuator between the insurance company and the insured –  working to resolve claims fairly and to the mutual satisfaction of both.


The family vision is to become the leaders of fairness and empathy in the industry, implementing compassionate innovations that add value to the relationship between our insurance industry clients and their insureds. We want to see a world where both the client and the insured feel supported and cared for.

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Become part of our family

Family owned and operated, serving the insurance industry for almost 40 years.


Love From Clients

Over the many years we have used the services of GEMCOR for replacement and valuation of jewelry losses, the satisfaction rate among employees and insureds has been very high. We often hear that you and your staff are ‘knowledgeable’, ‘easy to work with,’ and ‘responsive’…

I can think of no other national jewelry firm which we do business which has your equal… your caring approach to our policyholders and their individual needs wins AMICA friends in a not too friendly enviroment…

GEMCOR has served as the lead jewelry evaluation and replacement service for the State Auto Group since 1984. During that time they have demonstrated the topmost level of integrity in their dealings with our customers, agency partners, and company associates…”

I wanted to reach out and thank you so much for all your hard work and effort on my new ring. It is absolutely stunning and I am so happy with it. I appreciate your quick responses and your attention to detail. I know Jeff has worked more directly with you, but you have been so wonderful. I can't thank you enough!!

Thank you for such a perfect recreation of my ring. I inherited it from my dad, and it meant the world to me. I was sad and nervous that I needed a new ring, but it is even more beautiful than I remember and I am so thankful my adjuster approved the claim and introduced me to Gemcor.

I continue to say WOW to you and Ali!!! If I could own a business and be as emotionally invested as you guys are I would do it in a heartbeat!! Thanks so much—will be in touch!

The new ring is beautiful! I cannot wait to take it home to Shelby and show it to her. She will be thrilled with it. Thank you again for all your help and working with us on the extra work it took. You all were great to work with and I appreciate all the effort you put into this.

Kim stares at it A LOT and while riding with the top down she is constantly saying….”Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle …” as she rotates it putting glare all inside the car’s shadows….LOL. Thanks so much for making our 30th wedding anniversary forever memorable.