diamond-repairGemcor is the highest-paying recovery source in the jewelry industry. To start converting your salvage jewelry into profit, choose from one of our successful programs.

Salvage is an unrealized profit center.  Cracked stones, lost and found jewelry, fire and flood-damaged jewelry, gold and platinum scrap and broken watches all have value.

Since Gemcor’s inception, we have purchased or brokered clients’ salvage. In 2000, we expanded our salvage program to serve the entire insurance industry. Even if a client has another program in place for jewelry claims, our salvage service can earn them profits beyond their expectations.

How do we do this? Retail jewelers do not have the cash to purchase salvage at fair market value, so they often lowball offers. We always offer fair market value through our two salvage programs:

Immediate Purchase

For claims that require an immediate cash flow, we first coordinate the collection of the item(s). Our clients receive a written quote within 72 hours, which is honored for 90 days. Payment is issued immediately upon the acceptance of our offer.

Salvage Auction Program

For clients looking to sell a large jewelry collection or to outsource an entire jewelry salvage program, this is an ideal solution. We host a monthly auction where we set the starting bid at the fair market value for each item. The competitive energy of the silent auction usually drives bids upward. Our auction’s reputation has attracted some of the highest-paying buyers in the diamond industry. Contact us directly to learn more about this lucrative program. Also, in 2013 we launched an ‘estate auction’ component to our website. This is a first in the industry and helps increase the recovery for ‘lost and found’ items.

If your company would like to maximize the recovery for your jewelry salvage through a uniquely efficient and effective platform, then contact Gemcor to get started.    Shipping your salvage to Gemcor is easy and seamless.  Call us for 1 item or 1000 items and we will provide you with prepaid shipping materials.

Gemcor’s salvage team is dedicated to acheiving the highest recovery for you.  This allows you to focus on business while we focus on selling your salvage.