Gemcor is the highest-paying recovery source in the jewelry industry. Choose from one of our successful programs.

Salvage is an unrealized profit center. Cracked stones, lost and found jewelry, fire and flood-damaged jewelry, gold and platinum scrap and broken watches all have value.

Immediate Purchase

For claims that require a quick cash-flow, we coordinate the collection of the jewelry and then provide our client with a written salvage bid upon inspection of the item. Payment is issued immediately upon acceptance of our offer.

Salvage Auction Program

Place one item or 1,000 items in our monthly auction, which has attracted some of the highest-paying bidders in the jewelry industry. Gemcor sets the starting bid at the fair market value for the item and the competitive spirit of the silent auction drives bids upward. Contact us directly to learn more about this lucrative program.

If your company wants to maximize the recovery for your jewelry salvage through a uniquely efficient and effective platform, then contact Gemcor. Our salvage team is dedicated to achieving the highest recovery possible for you.

Cost Valuation


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